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Don Is A Lifetime Member
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Some readers have asked me to autograph my new eBook for them 😂

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If It Flies It Dies

First Edition

A History Of The United States Army Air Defense Artillery

While now a popular boast among American duck hunters "If It Flies It Dies" was once the unofficial motto of the United States Army Air Defense Artillery.  Don's first eBook is a history of this Branch of the United States Army.  From it's roots when it first deployed Anti-Aircraft guns on our shorelines to defend our country against a "new-fangled" weapon called the Areo Plane, through its evolution of employing sophisticated Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems to do much the same thing. 

JFK Key West.jpg

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JFK inspecting the HAWK Missile emplacements on the beaches of Key West in 1962 after the
Cuban Missile Crisis was over.

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