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If It Flies It Dies

Military History

The United States Army Air Defense Artillery

While now a popular boast among American duck hunters "If It Flies It Dies" was once the unofficial motto of the United States Army Air Defense Artillery.  Don's first eBook is a history of this Branch of the United States Army.  From its roots when it first deployed anti-aircraft guns on our shorelines to defend our country against a "new-fangled" weapon called the Areoplane, through its evolution of employing sophisticated anti-aircraft missile systems to do much the same thing. 

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Don Is a lifetime member
of The ADA Association

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The Puzzle of Human Existence

A Thought-Piece

My Philosphical Perspective

Mankind is possibly unique among the other creatures who occupy our planet in that we are aware of and can ponder our existence. That statement is at least true based on our current collected knowledge. While that statement may be open to debate among some, I am not aware that another creature has communicated to us that they have pondered, analyzed, or philosophized about the reasons for their existence.

Many of us, on the other hand, have.


Creating Digital History

Create & Publish (any Genre) of an "eBook"  

A "How To" Tutorial

"Don Scanga has succeeded spectacularly in providing a comprehensive and easy-to-understand tutorial on becoming an eBook publisher.  For those of us who grew up with the joys of reading hard and soft-cover books and then discovered digital books, eBooks take the experience to a whole new level".
- Mike Fellows COL(Ret), US Army

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Talking Flags

Military History

The United States Army Signal Corps

Historically, Armies have used drums, trumpets, banners, human runners, and other makeshift forms of communication to relay messages to and from various fighting elements across a given battlefield. This all changed when our military began experimenting with signaling with torches and flags during the Civil War, leading to the official creation of the United States Signal Corps, a new branch of the United States Army, on
June 21, 1860.

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