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My eBook Reading Essentials

When you open my eBooks, they automatically appear in the "FlipBook" mode.

No signup or password is required.

Nothing is downloaded to your computer.

Just start reading!

You can read my publications like any regularly printed book.

If you are reading from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet,

you can use your fingers to flip the pages.

Enlarge the font size by spreading your fingers or using your mouse.



How to Print my eBooks

1) Click on the "Download" icon above the eBook cover.




Your device should give you the option to download the PDF.

2) Click on the underlined
"Open File"  link. The password is: readme






3)  Print the eBook from your personal Adobe Reader application.

4) The PDF version is also saved on your computer.


You can re-read it anytime without having to return to my website.

You can permanently delete the downloaded PDF file if desired.

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