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Future eBook Projects

"165 Days On Luzon"

The US Army 25th Infantry Division on Luzon (World War II)

This eBook will be the story behind another book.  A book that I find historically unique and significant.  This new eBook will require the largest amount of historical research and will be my most challenging writing undertaking to date.

The original book I am referring to chronicles the 25th Infantry Division's liberation of the Philippines and the island of Luzon during World War II. 


The book contains handwritten narratives and illustrations drawn by the author, also an infantryman, who views that military campaign from the eyes of the men who fought it.​

165 Cover.jpg

"If It Flies, It Dies"

2nd Edition

A History of America's Air & Space Defense Complex

Whilst this will be an entirely new eBook,  it will also serve as an extension of my first edition, which is a history of The Army Air Defense Artillery (ADA) and the missile systems they deployed during the Cold War and Vietnam eras.

The ADA played a significant role in the early missile defense of the continental United States.  However, over the years, various new threats, weapons, and command structures have evolved.  The task of defending our warfighters, as well as our homeland, from both air and space-based attacks, has evolved into the need for a more tightly coupled, joint military effort that integrates both old and new, land and space-based defensive weapon systems while creating new strategies involving multiple military branches and countries. And we are moving at lighting speed!

"Talking Flags"

A History of the United States Army Signal Corps

The Signal Corps was officially established as a branch of the United States Army in 1863.  It's original mission was to establish a form of instantaneous communication between Army command and operational elements.  As a young Medical Officer, Albert Myer proposed the use of his visual communications system, called aerial telegraphy or "wig-wag". 


The Army adopted the system and the Signal Corps was born with Myer being the first and only Signal Officer. Today the Signal Corps manages all aspects of communication, information systems and technology support to all Army elements.

Talking Flags - Cover  2024-02-24.png
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