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"If It Flies It Dies"


"When I heard about your eBook, I downloaded it and started to read.  I could not put it down. It is the only book I have read in the last ten years that I could not put down until I had read the whole book!  You gave the most complete overview of the Air Defense command I have ever seen! I am looking forward to the next one!

Thanks for the great product!"

- Vince

"This is an interesting book you've put together. It's not a textbook, nor is it a contiguous narrative (a story). Instead, it's a little bit of both. I can't comment much on the writing, other than to say that the syntax is infallibly clear; never does the structure of the sentences put me in doubt as to your meaning. Your facts are ordered (chronologically, in this case) and presented logically. Lots of it reads like a good textbook, factual and informative. The links embedded within the text are a useful feature in that regard. All the best!"

- Ryan

"Very good reading with lots of good facts about Key West, the NAS, and the battalion. Brings good memories for me and I’m sure, for many others that were a part of we Air Defenders stationed there!"

- Jerry

"The Puzzle Of Human Existence"


"Well said and true enough- but that amazing self-aware creature still cannot seem to raise itself above the slime and live in harmony with itself and the creation any better than the bees."

- EbA

Insightful. Revealing. Provocative. - The Puzzle of Human Existence opens to us a fresh look and perspective of how the practical (human) and spiritual (being) fit together. This may be a refreshingly disruptive yet encouraging voice that we desperately need to hear."

- Burt

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