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What is a Digital Historian?

What is a Digital Historian? The answer may depend on whom you ask and how you ask it.

"Digital History" focuses on “the use of digital analytics to support research, analysis and creating visual patterns in historical information.” Some "Digital Historians" operate on this analytical side of the equation.

However, more broadly, the "Digital Historian" discipline involves "the use of tools to capture, digitize history, present findings, with historical narratives in an enriched content format."

That technology platform enables people to experience, read, and better understand a historical problem, event, or situation. I became a Digital Historian because I can only do that using a platform typically referred to as a digital or electronic publication called an eBook.

I want my readers to be a part of the moment. To visualize the "backdrop." Not only to read about the event but to form a visual image of it in their head. I want them to have the option to hear or even watch it unfold. Only the multilayer multimedia capability of a digital publication can deliver that experience.

As an author, my work falls under the classification of a Popular History writer. I am a lifelong student of history but not a scholar. The end product I create is intended for a general audience while satisfying the expectations of history enthusiasts.

I hope this new kind of historical experience might reengage people who, through traditional forms of presenting history, were either turned off or completely alienated.

While on my website, please click "eBooks" to read my latest offerings. They are free of charge. "Sign In" with your email and create a password.

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