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Creating Digital History

Updated: Mar 28

I am excited to announce that I have ePublished my third eBook, "Creating Digital History.”

While the title implies history, it is really a generic approach to creating and electronically publishing any genre of eBook you choose. While many options are available in self-publishing, I developed this method because my eBooks are free, and I found this method the most cost-effective while providing the highest-quality product for my readers.

This eBook is available today from my website.

I have also provided my Word Template on my website as a “quick start”, which provides complete formatting for your eBook. Feel free to modify your copy of the document to fit your vision. Then follow the simple directions outlined in the eBook.

Please use my “Contact” form on my website to provide me with any comments, questions, or concerns. While it is written from a Windows/Microsoft Office perspective, this approach is easily adaptable to any computer platform.

With this project behind me, I plan on resuming my research and continue writing my next military history project titled “Talking Flags” – A History of the United States Signal Corps, which I put on hold to publish this eBook.

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