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Our Family's "Wall of Honor"

Updated: Mar 7

I am excited to announce my new redesigned, but unedited “Family Wall of Honor”.  I call it Version 2 and it consists of two elements.


The first element is the “Landing Page” which consists of a “Role Call” of Veterans sorted by the eras in which they served.

The website can be viewed on computers (all browsers) and is automatically reformatted for mobile phones and most tablets. I am experiencing some issues with iPad minis.


The second element is a single “Profile” which lists the specific details of the Veterans Service.

It is still a “work in progress” as I continue to fine-tune the technology and build out individual Veteran profiles this year through various means.


The "Wall of Honor” website will be a lifetime family project. I hope that my son Jason who has inherited my technical & website development expertise, will after I am no longer capable, and then pass it down to his son Ethan.

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