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My New (free) eBook "If It Flies, It Dies" Has Been Published!

Updated: Mar 7

I am excited to officially announce my first eBook, “If It Flies, It Dies” - A History of the United States Army Air Defense Artillery has been published! It is free of charge from my website! No strings. This is a passion. Not a business.

It’s a quick read of 50 pages filled with layers of information, personal accounts, Air Defense History, and informative multimedia content. Nothing is downloaded to your computer or mobile device. Click on my "eBooks" section. "Sign In" to become a member with your email & password and begin reading. Save the eBook link for continued reading later without having to return to my website.

I do not sell or share your information. Nor do I send out junk mail or spam. While on my website, check out my blogs and future projects. My only ask is to please send me a review with your comments using my "Contact" form and to PLEASE share this announcement with your social media connections.

You are my sole marketing strategy 😉

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