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Need Veterans' Information

   Minimal Information Desired:

  1. What Rank Did They Hold?

  2. What Military Branch Did They Serve In?

  3. What If Any Conflict Did They Serve In?

  4. From/To Dates Did They Served?

  5. Picture Of The Veteran In Uniform (Headshot)

  6. Any Other Pictures You Which To Share!

Do you have any information about this veteran?

In addition to the five pieces of information mentioned above, I would take any other pictures or information concerning the veteran you might have. The more the better.

These might include, but not be limited to:

  • Discharge or Service Paperwork.

  • Any details about their service they may have shared with you.

  • Pictures of any mementos they might have.

  • Key dates which might include when they enlisted, we assigned to various places and dates of discharge.

You can send me any information via a variety of different sources:

  • You may mail them to me by using my "Contact" form and asking for my mailing address information.

  • You may email them to me.


Don Scanga

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