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Marion Howard Hyder

US Army
Staff Sergeant

World War II 

My Story

Marion enlisted in the Army in 1942 and served under the 25th Infantry Division during the Liberation of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. He served in Company "C", of the 35th Infantry.

It was a bloody 165-day jungle campaign fought against an enemy who swore to fight until their death. The division suffered the most casualties of any of the 6th Army's units.

He was discharged on December 4, 1945, at Fort Logan, Colorado. Marion returned to his home state of Kansas before relocating his family to Salida, Colorado. Marion and his first wife had two children together, Kenny and Vicki Hyder.

Marion later divorced and married Louise (Veltri) Scanga, and they had one son, Marion Hyder Jr.


Louise had three children with her previous husband, Gregg Henry Scanga. They were Richard, Sharon, and Donald Scanga

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