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The Puzzle of Human Existence

Updated: Jan 24

Why does the universe exist?

There are two questions here:

Why does the Universe exist at all, that is, why is there anything rather than nothing?

And why is the Universe as it is? - Derek Parfet

Mankind is possibly unique among the other creatures who occupy our planet in that we are aware of and can ponder our existence. That statement is at least true based on our current collected knowledge. And while that statement may be open to debate among some, I am not aware that another creature has communicated to us that they have pondered, analyzed, or philosophized about the reasons for their existence.

My newest eBook is FREE but it is a "thought piece" not a military history eBook.

A thought piece is an essay intended to stir the reader’s thoughts. It is usually speculative, with expository material, context, and the author’s analysis and opinion of existing ideas while presenting beliefs, ideas, and comments in a structured and concise way. Sometimes, thought pieces can lean toward the controversial. But they encourage people to dig deep, think through, and discuss different philosophies.

I look forward to reading your comments on this departure from my military history eBooks, and I have already begun writing my next military history eBook "Talking Flags" - A History of the US Army Signal Corp.

You can immediately begin reading "The Puzzle" by clicking on this link:

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